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An ultra-thin Keyboard Protection Cover.

The thinnest and most precise keyboard protection cover

Protects your keyboard from dirt, liquids, dust, etc.

Think of it as the most natural accessory for your Mac:  The design is created to give optimal use while it protects your valuable computer.

Available in colors and in transparent.

The silicone cover lies directly over the existing keyboard as it is molded precisely to do – and the soft eco friendly silicone now allows you to type as usual.

Great Facts About Philbert Keyboard Cover

Keeps your Mac as good as new
Strong silicone Keyboard Cover produced in a high quality
Designed to fit your original keyboard 100%
Dust and waterproof
Silent typing
Is 100% washable and reusable
Only 0,1 mm thin – Weighs only 12 g
Material: Eco friendly Silicone

The illumination from a backlit keyboard remains clear through the transparent keyboard cover.
We coat the inside of our keyboard covers to minimize it from sticking to the keyboard when you type.
This process provides a matte finish without limiting the clarity and transparency.

 It is soft and flexible and gives the possibility to write just as fast as you normally do. The cover is removable so it can be cleaned and the 0.1mm makes it possible to shut down your Mac without having to take the keyboard cover off.

Philbert’s Key­bo­ard Cover is a per­fect way to add a per­so­nal touch as well as pro­tecting your key­bo­ard against wear, tear and dirt.

Philbert offers Keyboard Covers for all Mac keyboards :

MacBook Air 13″

MacBook Pro 13” / 15” / 17”

MacBook Pro Retina 13” / 15”

MacBook Pro Touch Bar 13” / 15”

MacBook 12”

Apple wi­re­less key­bo­ard

Apple wireless magic keyboard

MacBook Pro Touch Bar 13″ / 15″

MacBook Pro 13″

MacBook Air 13″ 2018/2019

MacBook Pro TB 13″ / 16″

MacBook Air 13″ 2020

MacBook Pro 14″/16″ 2021


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