Protect your Macbook with a sustainable, eco-friendly Sleeve.

Thin and simple quality sleeve.

3 IN 1

When you buy a Macbook sleeve

that is made of vegan leather, you can be sure

that no animal ingredients have been used.

Microfiber = Vegan Leather

Despite its technological production, Microfiber is also an environmentally friendly alternative. It is 30% less burdensome on the environment if you compare it to the production of genuine leather – when it comes to overconsumption of water and global warming. In addition, it has the same good properties as hemp, and durability is a clear strength. Microfiber is dirt-repellent, and it is an incredibly durable material, which means we can deliver durable products. Our microfiber leather is regarded in the industry as the latest technology and a product of the best quality. The product is a recycled material and is therefore sustainable.

Some of the great qualities of Micro Fibers are:

  • Good durability
  • Dirt-resistant (easy to keep clean)
  • Sustainable
  • Waterproof
  • Scratch resistant

When you buy an Ultra Slim Sleeve, you get a cover that is soft and comfortable. Our surface is treated with polyurethane, which makes it extra durable, scratch-resistant, and waterproof. In this way, you are guaranteed a product that looks nice for a longer time.

You will find our ultra slim sleeve for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro Touch Bar, and iPad 12″. You will find the colors black and white for the latest 14″ and 16″.


Would you like your Macbook to function as long as possible?  The best way to take care of your computer or laptop is to use a sleeve that protects against water, bumps, and scratches. We have developed an innovative, modern, and multifunctional sleeve, the Ultra Slim Sleeve, so that you can take good care of your Macbook in the future. You will find our sleeves in all sizes for Macbooks on our site or at retailers.

At Philbert, we have chosen to move with the times in terms of sustainable and innovative measures, which is why we now offer our products in a vegan alternative to leather. The products still got the same good quality, but with a focus on animal welfare, the environment, and the future.

We know that one person cannot solve climate change alone, but together we can create small changes against big differences. At Philbert, we care for the environment, and we consider sustainability in everything we do. We take responsibility, and we try to live up to that fact every single day. It is with pride that we can present our Ultra Slim Sleeve, which is made of vegan leather.

Vegan leather has the same protective capacity as ordinary leather, and therefore you do not compromise on quality when choosing one of our products in a vegan version. You will experience how our vegan leather has the same structure as leather, and it will therefore be difficult to see and feel the difference between real leather and our vegan leather. In addition, vegan leather has a wide range of advantages, including that it is very easy to clean since it is dirt-repellent. Furthermore, you will also get a water-resistant product, which ensures maximum protection for your products.


Modern and elegant

Our sustainable Ultra Slim Sleeve ensures a timeless and simple expression when you want to take good care of your Macbook. As the name indicates, the sleeve is super thin. Therefore, your Macbook will not take up too much space, so you still have room for your computer in your folder, shoulder bag, etc. Our Ultra Slim Sleeve is characterized by our Danish and stylish design, and when you choose a product from Philbert, you choose quality. You do not compromise on quality when choosing a vegan leather product, since the latest technology helps to create an incredibly durable product that will not look worn out.


Ultra Slim Sleeve is a functional cover that allows you to maintain an aesthetic and modern look for your Macbook when you are on the go. Our Ultra Slim Sleeve is not just a cover or case for your Macbook since the sleeve has several different functions, which reflects our business philosophy around developing IT accessories that solve several problems in one product. Therefore, it was important for us to develop the Ultra Slim Sleeve into a multifunctional product that can be used for several different things. The sleeve can be used as a mouse pad, which many business people and students find helpful. That way, you don’t have to carry extra things in your bag when you’re on the move. In addition, you can also use our Ultra Slim Sleeve as a bag, since there are small pendants inside the pocket, on which you can attach straps. In this way, our Ultra Slim Sleeve can be used both as a bag or a computer folder.


A step towards a sustainable world 

As previously mentioned, the environment is one of our most important branding considerations, and it is pervasive in the entire process of manufacturing sustainable sleeves. Our consideration of the environment already starts in the design process, since we want to create one product that can perform multiple functions, just as our Ultra Slim Sleeve can. We argue that we would like to accommodate overproduction and overconsumption by the consumer. We do this by producing a multifunctional product, in order to limit the need to produce and buy products. In addition to our design process, we consider everything from the choice of materials, to environmentally friendly color techniques, to packaging and recycling. In other words, nothing is accidental in our production, and we set demands for the entire process from idea to finished product.