About Us

“Love the multiple functions in the same product.
It must be high quality and well thought out.”

- Philbert

Introduction of the innovative solution born out of a simple need: When Nille sought a sun shade product for her boys’ tablet and her laptop and found none, she began designing sun shade hoods, sleeves and cover products, offering a 4-in-1 solution : Screen shade – Privacy – Heat Protection and Contrast Enhancement. After she got the first prototype designed and saw its usefulness, she sought a patent and obtained a patent for the products No. D790551. Experience the product that started with a mother’s vision and ended with a product that can help everyone use their tablet and laptop anywhere while protecting their devices and data.

Philbert offers the market’s widest selection and pioneering screen shade products for tablets and laptops, featuring patented technology. Additionally, Nille has designed many other products, each with multiple functions.

From the fashion world to innovative tech accessories and gadgets.

Nille Philbert is an experienced designer who has successfully worked in the fashion industries since 2000. In 2007, Nille set up her own company ‘Nille Philbert’. Nille’s designs were sold throughout than 50 selected stores in Denmark and in several major cities trough out the world.

Nille Philbert decided in 2015, after experiencing various everyday problems with the use of IT, to develop some unique, revolutionary, environmentally friendly and functional for IT accessories and spot new trends in the IT world.

“Nille is now back with her innovative and functional design – although it is within a slightly different product category than fashion, specifically designing high quality accessories and gadgets for the everyday IT consumer.”

Nowadays, everyone – young and old – are online all the time. Smartphones, tablets and laptops have become an important part of our lives for work, education and leissure purposes. The need to always bring or carry our phones, tablet and laptop has increased greatly.

Philbert is for anyone who wants to add extra style to their everyday IT accessories.

The fundamental values behind Philbert are innovation, eco-friendly, quality and design. A unique aspect of our products is to serve multiple purposes and to ensure that all features are available at all times. Our designs are modern, classy and never compromises on quality.

In contrast to the current throw-away society, we care for the environment and incorporate sustainability into the entire manufacturing process. From choice of manufacturer to materials including packaging, we always take social and environmental issues into consideration and work hard to achieve sustainable solutions. With more than 20 years of experience working with partners in the Far East, we understand how to liaise with overseas manufacturers.

These products are designed to cater to all ages and purposes, seamlessly fitting into every aspect of life: from business endeavors and transportation needs to school requirements and leisurely outings, whether at cafes, parks, beaches, or during holidays.

Based on stylish, simple and classic design, Philbert opens up a new universe of luxurious and innovative IT accessories.

Welcome to Philbert’s exciting and unique products.

Our Mission

Our fundamental business philosophy is to develop IT accessories that are highly efficient by solving multiple problems in one product – e.g. making a device more user-friendly whilst protecting it in a stylish design. By gathering several functionalities in one product, unnecessary over-production is avoided and less environmental impact achieved.  

Our Vision

It’s quite simple: We want to make the everyday use of IT devices more efficient only using materials for the products that are sustainable!

The Team

Philbert designs and develops sleek, sustainable and innovative accessories.

We set high standards and produce exciting and unique products.

Philbert does not compromise on the functionality and design.

Head office: info@philbert.design


Nille Højlund-Hansen Philbert


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Per Caesius


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