One person alone can’t solve climate change, but together we can make a big difference if we all make small changes. Philbert cares deeply for the environment and we incorporate sustainability into everything we do. 

Lets care for the environment together.

At Philbert, we have thought about the best ways to care for the environment. From choosing which materials to use, and the most environmental friendly coloring techniques, to packing materials. Our constant focus on producing products of the best quality combined with environmental friendly production, secures that each product contributes to a sustainable earth. We are proud at Philbert, to being able to offer you “Green” quality products – and don’t get us started on our amazing designs. Read more about the environmental benefits of our green initiatives below.

Hemp – The Win Win in going green.

“Green” production

Did you know that for each pound of cotton produced, around 5300 liters of water are required? – We didn’t know that either. Knowing today however, that hemp requires half of that amount, and that hemp produces up to 2,5x more fibres per square meter, are just two of the reasons why hemp beats cotton, and why Philbert prefers hemp. Another reason is that about 25 % of the world’s pesticide use goes into producing today’s cotton consumption. The production of hemp on the other hand, requires significantly less. Significant less however is somewhat of an underestimation, as production of hemp doesn’t need any pesticides at all.

The Hemp “rainbow”

Hemp fibres can be removed from the stem of a hemp plant in various ways. By choosing between the various ways, it is possible to get Hemp fibres in brown, grey, green, black, and even creamy white – without the use of dye. Though it’s still possible to dye hemp fibres to get the desired color, the multiple natural colors in which hemp can be produced,  means that compared to several other fabrics, hemp is the environmental friendly way to go.

Longevity & Durability

The strong natural hemp fibre extend the longevity of hemp-made-products compared to similar products made of other materials. Hemp fibres durability secures that the wear from everyday use, is less problematic, as you can expect hemp products to last for years and years. Hence hemp is the the way to go, for the environmentally concerned- as well as the quality concerned consumer.

It really is a Win Win.

Our choice to use Soy-Ink.

Better colors with less.

In the late 1980’s soy-based Ink began its journey to become the standard in environmental friendly ink that it is considered today. Compared to petroleum-based ink, we are able with soy-ink to produce the same high-intensity colors with less ink. Furthermore, soy-ink allows us to produce brighter and sharper images and texts due to its naturally clearer soybean oil that would be possible using conventional printing.

Eco-Friendly, Recyclable, Sustainability.

VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) are pollutants which represents an environmental threat and a health hazard for people around the world. At Philbert we are glad to be using soy-ink which derives less than 20% VOC’s compared with petroleum-based inks. Research from Western Michigan University shows that it is noticeable easier to recycle materials containing soy-ink and that even, if not recycled, soy-ink is more than four times biodegradable than standard ink. Philbert products are quality, and you would be right to expect enjoying them year after year. Though everything comes to an end – with our soy-ink products we know that our choice of ink, makes them highly recyclable and biodegradable. Finally, don’t fear we will run out – soy-ink is a renewable resource and a byproduct of soybean farming. Philbert will continue to use soy-ink until perhaps another more environmental ink has been invented.

Our Leather

The choice of leather at Philbert is top grain cowhide leather from the US. By using top grain leather, we ensures the best leather quality of leather, and are able to give the leather a uniform look. By only using leather from the US, we are providing you with 3 reasons to choose leather products from Philbert. The best quality, the best look and ensurance of a high standard of animal welfare.

PU-leather is a great alternative to real leather. It has some of the features that we love when using leather. We are able to give the products the characteristic leather look that makes everything look a lot better. So whether you choose our real leather products or the PU, you are gonna own some truly beautiful Philbert products.

When packaging becomes more than just packaging.

At Philbert, the environment is an essential pillar of the company. Whether it is the product themself or the packaging, you now know that everything is designed and produced with the environment in focus. All of our packaging is made of recycled cardboard and are produced to be recycled once again. Even the plastic “window” in our keyboard cover packaging is made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). This plastic is recyclable and known to not leach any chemicals that are suspected of causing cancer or disrupting hormones. And last, but not least, we are proud of being able to put the RoHS logo on our packaging. The RoHS certification is obtained only, when not using any of the environmental hazardous substances described in the RoHS directive.

And of course – all of our products comply with EU standards and regulations. Offering “green” quality products isn’t always the easiest thing, choosing eco-friendly quality products however, has never been easier – Philbert.