Philbert 4 in 1 Laptop Screen Shade Lux Hood – 
Sun Shade | Privacy | Heat Protection | Contrast Enhancement. Universal for 12″/13″/14″ Laptops | Model Aruba | Green

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Philbert – Aruba Screen Shade Lux Hood

Lux Hood is the only hood on the market equipped with a pocket and a stand. The stand can be folded out at the back, allowing the hood to stand on its own, providing the option to use it for books or other items. It is effortlessly installed using two elastic bands on the top corners, and then connecting the Screen Shade with a magnetic attachment. An additional flap can be folded down for extra sun shade or privacy.

If the stand is not being used, you can take the elastic at the bottom of the hood to pull it over the screen and down to the bottom, as it ensures it sits even more securely. Then, you can simply attach the two elastic bands to the top corners. The Screen Shaden can then be secured with magnets. The hood has an elegant and sleek design, making it a stylish and functional accessory

4 in 1

Sun Shade | Privacy | Heat Protection | Contrast Enhancement

  • Sun Shade: Optimize visibility even in bright sunlight, enabling your productivity and digital experience outdoors.
  • Privacy: Ensure that your sensitive information, remains confidential and secure in public and on the go.
  • Heat Protection: Prevent overheating and ensure optimal performance, even during extended use outside in the lovely warm sun.
  • Contrast Enhancement: Delivering clarity and visual fidelity for all your multimedia and content creation needs.
    These features combine to give you an exceptional outdoors experience tailored to your specific needs and environmental conditions.

This is a unique hood with built-in shielding. The Screen Shade Hood allows you to work outside in the sun or to have privacy in public places like trains, planes or coffee houses.This model is perfect if you already have a bag for your laptop as it is small, super flexible and therefore easy to bring. The hood also prevents your laptop from overheating in warm temperatures.

It has been proven to be immensely healthy, being out in nature and now you can work anywhere with the knowledge that sun shade and privacy will not be a problem.

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The first Screen Shade products on the market – Patent no. D790551.

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Product Details

Sun Shade | Privacy | Heat Protection | Contrast Enhancement | Eco-friendly material | Self standing | Foldable | Name tag holder inside | Pocket | Water-resistant | Soft | Portable | Lightweight | Durable | slim | Universal fit

Universal, fits most 12″ / 13″ / 14″ Laptops

MacBook 12″/13”/14” | Asus 13”/14” | Lenovo 13”/14” | Dell 13”/14” | HP 13”/14” | Acer 13”/14” | Huawei 13”/14” | Samsung 13”/14” | LG 13”/14” | Surface 13”/14” etc.

This Screen Shade Lux Hood also has a pocket and a stand.

  • Made of recycled materials.
  • Simple and functional design.
  • Perfect fit for most laptops.
  • Closes with magnets, easy to fold and carry around – “To Go” Model
  • Flaps fold up for more visibility and folds down for more privacy. Your choice!

HEAT RESISTANT - Resists the heat of the sun The hood prevents your laptop from overheating in warm temperatures.

19-04-02 and 19-04-01 Lux Hood Universal Sun shade and Privacy laptop Hood Philbert - 4

PRIVACY - Business, Traveling, Commuting, School, Cafés, Airplanes, trains, etc. Take your privacy everywhere with you.

Screen Shade Fly Philbert

SUN SHADE - Work outside - outdoor office or watch a movie by the pool. Nature is good for body and soul.

Lux Hood screen shade Philbert

CONTRAST IMPROVEMENT - Improve overall visual clarity. Can be used both indoors and outdoors.

4 Sun Shade and Privacy Philbert

Additional information

WEIGHT 0.58 kg
DIMENSIONS 21.0 × 32.5 × 1.0 cm – 8.3″ x 12.8″ x 0.4″


This Lux version of the popular Screen Shade Hood for laptops, is made of vegan resin microfiber leather in environmentally friendly, non-toxic (harmless) and recycled materials. High quality material and craftmanship. The surface is coated with polyurethane to make it durable, scratch-resistant and waterproof.

Vegan leather is made from premium composite leather blended with fiber glass resin for superior strength and performance, especially in the heat. The Sun Shade and Privacy Hood for any laptop 12″/13″/14″, provides you with privacy – anywhere and any time. This innovative Philbert product allows you to work out­side in the sun or in public places like trains or planes without sacrificing your privacy while covering your screen from the sunrays.


At Philbert, we have thought about the best ways to care for the environment. From choosing which materials to use, to using the most environmental friendly colouring techniques, and packing materials. Our constant focus on producing products of the best quality combined with environmental friendly production, ensures that the Sun Shade and Privacy Hood contributes to a sustainable earth. We are proud at Philbert, to be able to offer you a “Green” Screen Shade Hood for 12″/13″/14″ Laptop Covers, Sleeves and Hoods

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In addition to protecting your laptop and securing your privacy, with the Philbert Sun Shade and Privacy Hood, your laptops energy consumption will be affected in a positive way too. When using the hood inside, you will be able to lower your screen brightness and maintain the high screen clarity while significantly improving the battery life. On a sunny summer’s day, the reflecting sunrays will no longer blind you. Whether it is a movie, gaming or work. You will finally be able to use your laptop outside while you enjoy the sun. Increase the versatility of your laptop with Philbert Screen Shade Hood for any 12″/13″/14″ laptop.

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