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Philbert Design Introduces Video-Production with Mavic Media to Elevate Marketing Strategy

Philbert Design, has taken a strategic leap by incorporating video production into our marketing endeavors. Collaborating with Mavic Media, a well-regarded production company based in Vejle, we have witnessed remarkable success through this new approach.

The decision to integrate video production into our marketing strategi came from the desire to visually showcase their exquisite range of quality products. Recognizing the power of visual storytelling in capturing the essence of their offerings, We embarked on a journey to engage their audience in a more immersive and dynamic manner. 

The collaboration with Mavic Media proved to be fruitful as the results exceeded expectations. The videos and images produced have found their way into both paid advertising campaigns and organic social media posts. This strategic distribution has allowed Philbert Design to maximize their reach and impact across various platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 

During the production day, our team had the advantage of working with three great models, ensuring a diverse representation of their products in various contexts. This initiative enabled Frederik from Mavic Media to capture an ample amount of video content that will serve their marketing needs for a longer periode. This forward-thinking approach not only saves resources but also ensures a consistent flow of engaging videocontent.

At Philbert Design we are dedication to catering to our target audience. Our advertisements are primarily aimed at women, and as such, the company took meticulous care in crafting content that resonates with this demographic. To enhance the connection with the audience, they incorporated a youthful female voice-over, aligning seamlessly with the preferences and interests of their target market.

By producing video, we have now unlocked a fun new way in our marketing strategy. The combination of compelling visuals, relatable narratives, and a focus on our quality products has resulted in an enhanced brand image in Denmark. 

As the partnership between Philbert Design and Mavic Media continues, the industry will undoubtedly witness more innovative marketing endeavors that blur the lines between creativity and e-commerce. Through this collaboration, we have used the power of videocontent to captivate and inspire their audience, solidifying their position as a leader in the market of high-quality products for assoceries to Macbook-labtops.

For more information about videoproduction (Link til, please contact:

  Frederik Poulsen


Phone: 31 95 86 23