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Join us for Outdoor Office Week 6-9 June – and bring your laptop working outdoor 

Did you know that you can get inspiration for bringing office work outside? This happens in connection with Outdoor Office Week, where Philbert are pleased to support more people to try bringing office tasks outdoor.

So why bring office work outdoor? That’s because it’s good for our task solving. We become more creative and productive because the brain can focus on what’s most important without too many distractions. And it’s good for both mental and physical health.

“We think it’s a great opportunity for office workers to try to take on some tasks outside, as nature and the fresh air do so much good for you. We have just designed sunshades for laptops and tablets to make it easier to see the screen outside in the sun. And if you find a good place with shelter, many tasks can be solved outside with your laptop,” says Nille Philbert.

The week is packed with inspiration, e.g. which tasks are good to bring outdoor and where you can advantageously take them. For example, try the 1+1+1 method. One task, at one place and one decision that is DO IT.

You can also meet Philbert at the closing event Outdoor Office Day at the art museum ARKEN in Ishøj on 9 June. Here you also will be able to book an outdoor working space among the many beautiful works of art around ARKEN and get a lot of inspiration that can make your working day even better.

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