ULTRA SLIM SLEEVE 16″ BLACK – Made in vegan cork leather

399.95 DKK

Protect your Macbook with a sustainable, eco-friendly Sleeve.

Easy to bring – Thin and simple sleeve.

The Sleeve fits:

MacBook Pro 16″

Measurements: Depth 27.3 cm x width 37.5 cm | 10.75″ x 14.76″

Optional Vegan Leather Straps are available in both matching and complementary colors to create your personal unique style. 

“Click here to see the straps”



Protect your Macbook.

Get a Modern and Elegant Sleeve for your Macbook! It’s suitable for both men and women.
Slim-fit Leather sleeve for 16” Macbook.
This slim sleeve effectively protects your slim laptop from scratches without adding any bulkiness. The sleeve also have a pocket. It is lightweight and slim designed, you can easily put it in your backpack, briefcase, messager bag or shoulder bag. High quality material and craftmanship.
The sleeve is made of vegan leather (cork leather).

Offers softness, durability, scratch-resistant and a certain extent of waterproof.
The Sleeve also have small pendants inside the pocket, so it is possible to use as a bag.