Screen Shade Cover for MacBook Air 13″ laptop

Sun Shade and Privacy Cover

MacBook Air 13″ Cover

A version of the unique Screen shade cover specially designed for your MacBook.

The cover allows you to use your computer in the train, garden and other public places without worrying about the sun or your privacy.

It has foldable sides.

When the MacBook version is folded together it creates a complete case around your computer.

The first cover on the market with built-in shielding. Patent no. D790551.


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About the Screen Shade Cover

The Screen Shade Cover with suns­hade ma­kes it po­s­sible for you to work out­side, watch a movie or read an ebook.

It is also ideal for having a bit of pri­vacy when you are wor­king on the train or in a plane.

The Screen Shade Cover is the only cover on the mar­ket with fol­dable si­des al­lowing you to hide when they are not ne­e­ded.

It is very easy to use and it’s made in a high qua­lity, du­rable, ma­te­rial that pro­tects your com­pu­ter and gi­ves it a touch of per­so­nal style.


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