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We wish everyone a happy new year – January sale – Sign up for the newsletter

We wish everyone a happy New Year – and we start 2023 with big discounts



The January sale of 2023 has started at Philbert. Save 25% on the entire site!

The first sale of the year starts with a bang! Did you not get the Christmas present you wanted? Or is it time to treat yourself and your loved ones with a truly extraordinary present – while saving money? Now is the time for you to strike.


Our January sale is on – but the offer is only valid for those who have signed up for our newsletter! Not registered? Sign up here:

At Philbert, we rarely offer discounts and offers, so it is quite extraordinary that we are currently offering 25% off our entire webshop. The offer is only available to those who have signed up for our newsletter. The offer is valid throughout January.

January Sale 2023

The year’s first, and probably also the biggest sale has just been launched. You will find all the good offers both online and offline. At Philbert, we have chosen to run a January sale on our webshop throughout January. The sale is available from 1.  – 31. of  January and you can find incredible prices on all our products. We have chosen to make the January sale last a whole month because we want to give our customers the opportunity to shop without stress and rush – something we all need after Christmas.

The January sale is also an obvious opportunity to buy something you didn’t get as a Christmas present. Replace your soft Christmas presents with one of our many unique products that can be used all year round.


As something quite extraordinary, we have chosen to run a January sale for those who sign up for the newsletter. Right now you can save 25% on our entire site when you sign up for our newsletter. You will find our sign-up formula here:


Save 25% on everything

At Philbert, we rarely run offers and discounts, but we think we want to start the year 2023 in an extraordinary way, which is why we have chosen to spoil our customers with a very special discount code.


Have you been looking at our products for a long time? Philbert’s products are timeless and can be used all year round. We got unique products – in fact, some of our products are the only ones in the world. 

When you buy a product from Philbert, you get a Danish design of good quality. In addition, you are also supporting a company that works toward improving our climate footprint. We use sustainable methods to produce our unique products – and most of our products are vegan.

Maybe it is time to buy the upcoming birthday presents? 

Find our large selection of exclusive accessories for electronics on our website:

Do you want a better offer? We have just launched a new 2nd sorting page, where you can find special offers and discounts.

  1. sorting – we do away with throw-away trends! 2. sorting means that you can find products with minor faults and defects for cheaper money. Often 2nd sorting products end up being discarded, and it’s really a shame if the product still is useable. The defect can vary, but in the vast majority of cases, it is a cosmetic defect.

We always think about the environment, also when it comes to faulty production.

We strive to meet overconsumption and overproduction and unfortunately, we often see that consumers tend to throw things away and buy new ones, but the same largely applies to companies as well. Many companies choose to throw out their 2nd sorting product. At Philbert, we would like to change that approach, and we have therefore chosen to launch a 2nd sorting shop on our site.


Unfortunately, there aren’t many webshops with 2nd sorting page – we believe that’s a shame. By creating a page where customers have the opportunity to find 2nd sorting products, you as a company avoid having to throw the products away (which would otherwise burden our environment). But in addition, it is also an additional service for our customers. We, therefore, hope that our initiative will get more companies to offer products with small faults and defects in a 2nd sorting sale.


You will find our 2nd sorting: Here

Unique products – actually the only ones in the world

If you follow Philbert, you’ve probably heard us mention how unique our products are. But it is actually not without reason that we describe our products as unique. Our sun shade for tablets is the only one of its kind in the world! You will find our solar screen for tablets here:



But you can also wait until later this month when we elaborate on all the features our tablet cover has. Here you can read much more about the thoughts behind the development and production of the cover.

Experience our assortment

Sun Shade and Privacy Cover for iPads/tablets - Striped

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