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The Christmas Present for someone who has everything

At Philbert, you will find unique Christmas gifts that suit everyone.

Christmas is approaching, so most people have to go out and find this year’s Christmas present for their loved ones. We all know how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift for someone who has it all. If you’re looking for something unique that you won’t find anywhere else, you’ve come to the right place.

At Philbert, we offer products that everyone can use. Our products are versatile and can be used in several ways since we have thought of multi-functionality in the design.

We have listed the personality types who might find our products attractive.

Read along here and learn more about our products and their potential applications

For the environmentally-conscious

Do you also know someone who values sustainability? Then Philbert’s products are the perfect choice for Christmas. We work based on the motto that one person cannot solve climate change alone, but that together we can create small changes against the big difference. At Philbert, we care for the environment and consider sustainability in everything we do. We have a responsibility, and we try to comply with that fact every single day.

The environment is very important to us, and it is pervasive in the entire process of manufacturing sustainable products. We consider everything from the design process to multi-functionality. Our argument is that we would like to accommodate overproduction and overconsumption by the consumer. We do this by producing products that are multifunctional, in order to limit the need to produce and buy more products. We consider everything from the choice of materials, to environmentally friendly color techniques, to packaging and recycling. In other words, nothing is accidental in our production, and we set demands for the entire process from idea to finished product.

You can therefore choose any product from Philbert, and it will fit your environmentally-conscious loved ones.

See our multifunctional sleeves, which are made from hemp here:

You can also read our previous posts about our sleeves, where we describe the materials we use:

Vegan leather that lasts

To the student

A computer is a necessity for everyone studying. It is possibly the most important tool when going through education. At Philbert, we have several products that can be helpful for the student, so that study time becomes a little easier. We recommend three products in particular for the student. Remember that you can find our products in several colors and sizes on our website.


As a student, you depend on your laptop, and it is probably with you at school. This often turns into many hours in front of the screen, and unfortunately, this can mean sore neck muscles, since you are not sitting correctly in front of the computer. With a stand from Philbert, you can accommodate the problem.

The stand raises the computer so that you avoid looking down all the time. The stand is effective for young students since most of their work is done in front of the computer. We recommend that you have an external keyboard connected to the computer to achieve the optimal effect.

The stand is also useful if you want to read from the sofa or bed. With a computer stand, you avoid sitting incorrectly, since the stand can be adjusted exactly as you want it. The stand allows you to sit in bed or on the sofa with your computer, without getting pain in your neck, shoulders, and back. In addition, you can also adjust the stand to suit you.

If you have tried sitting in bed, or on the sofa with your computer, you have probably experienced that your computer gets overheated. Overheating of the computer is often caused by the ventilation opening being blocked. It is unfortunately very unhealthy for your computer to overheat, and you can, unfortunately, run the risk of your computer suddenly shutting down. It is a great pity if you have been working on your computer without being able to save your work. In advantage of this, you can buy our stand so that your computer’s ventilation opening is not blocked, and thus does not overheat.

Sun shade/privacy hood

As a student, you often sit a lot in the classroom or at a lecture. Here it can be annoying that fellow students can follow along on your computer. Here we recommend our Sun shade/privacy hood. The screen shields curious eyes and this gives the students peace of mind to concentrate on their studies.

We are of the belief that the more functions one product can handle, the less needs to be produced, and this will eventually reduce overproduction and overconsumption. We have of course also considered this aspect in our design of the Sun shade/privacy screen. Therefore, the Sun shade can both remedy the glare of the sun on your computer screen if you want to read outside, but it also relieves overheating of the computer, since the screen casts a shadow on the keyboard and this relieves overheating.

The sun visor is easy to use, and with its magnetic sides and top, it has several combinations, enabling you to use your Macbook exactly as you wish.

Find different colors and sizes on our webshop


As a student, you carry your computer along all day, and unfortunately, this can cause scratches, bumps, and scrapes. Would you like to take good care of your Macbook so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible? The best way to look after your computer or laptop is to use a sleeve that protects against water, shocks, and scratches. We have developed innovative, modern, and multifunctional sleeves, in order for the student can take good care of his Macbook. You will find our sleeve in all sizes for Macbooks on our site or at retailers.

The sleeve is a functional cover that gives you the opportunity to maintain an aesthetic and modern look when your Macbook is on the go. Our Sleeves are not just a cover or a case for your Macbook, the sleeves have several different functions, which reflects our business philosophy around developing IT accessories that solve several problems in one product. The sleeves can be used as a mouse pad, which many students use. That way, you don’t have to carry extra things in your bag when you’re on the go. In addition, you can also use our sleeves as a bag, since there are small pendants inside the pocket, on which you can attach straps – in this way, our sleeves can be used both as a bag or a computer folder.


For the businessman and the career woman

Do you also know someone who is always on the go? Then they most likely always have their computer with them. We recommend three products that can be a helping hand for the hard worker. Read along here and find the perfect Christmas present for him or her who always has their computer with them at work.

Sun shade/privacy hood

Do you know someone who takes public transport for work? Train journeys, flights, or other public transport means that you often have to work on your computer next to other people. It can be really frustrating that others can see the tasks you are doing. Some tasks must be kept private, and this can be close to impossible in public transport.

At Philbert, we particularly recommend our Sun shade/privacy screen, as the perfect Christmas gift for the businessman or career woman. The screen makes it possible to work on the computer in peace and quiet. But in addition, the screen is also really good if you want to work on your computer outside. The screen shades the sun, and this means that you can see the content on your screen, which is otherwise close to impossible.


Do you also know someone who always has their computer with them to and from work? Then you can advantageously give the person a sleeve from Philbert. Our sleeve is multifunctional, which means that you can use it as a bag, as a cover for your laptop, or as a mouse pad. There are thus several functions in one and the same product.

A sleeve from Philbert means that you do not need to take extra equipment with you on the go, such as a mouse pad. In addition to being multifunctional, the sleeve with its Danish design is incredibly stylish. You can choose the color that suits your hard-working husband, wife, sister, uncle, or acquaintance.


For the gadget geek

Do you know someone who loves the latest gadgets? Then the person will certainly find some of our products interesting. We have unique products that you won’t find anywhere else.

If you want to surprise the gadget-loving person with a completely unique Christmas present, now is the time to read along.

Gadgets are something that the vast majority of men love, regardless of age. Our computer and tablet gadgets are of high quality, and our products are not a fun gimmick that you throw away after a month. At Philbert, you will find computer gadgets that have a long shelf life but are also incredibly usable all year round.

We recommend our Sun shade/privacy hood to the gadget-loving person since the product is not available from anyone other than Philbert. The product is completely unique. You can read more about the Sun Shade/privacy hood here:

Sunshade for laptop

Sun Shade and Privacy Cover for iPads/tablets - Striped

For the quality conscious

Do you also know the type who appreciates good quality? If you as a person value high quality, then this applies across the board.

Can you recognize these traits in him or her you need to find a Christmas present for?

Then you know that quality is the absolute primary focus on the wish list. This also means that, as a quality-conscious person, you focus on special products and brands. Philbert is a recognized brand, which, among other things, is traded at Humac. Our products are selected to be able to protect Apple products, and we consider having Humac as a dealer a quality seal of our products.

Quality pays off. When you choose to give a quality product as a gift, you also ensure that the gift will last for a long time. Our philosophy is to reduce overconsumption and overproduction. We do that, among other things by producing high quality products.

Quality pays off, as the lifespan of the product is longer.

For the style-conscious

Do you also need to find a gift for him or her who always makes stylish choices? It can be difficult to find just the right gift. At Philbert, we know the style-conscious user. This is the type who is always goal-oriented and who knows which way he/she should go, especially when it comes to style. It can therefore be difficult to find the right gift, and often requires some research. Luckily, you’ve landed in just the right place, because here at Philbert, we have stylish designs that are sure to be appreciated.

At Philbert, we care about the design, and the focal point of the development is always that the design must be stylish. This is particularly due to the fact that our founder, Nille Philbert, has a past as a fashion designer. Her experience and passion for design is largely reflected in the products.

Our designs are timeless, and they are made from the point of view that everyone should be able to use them, men, women, children, or young adults. Again, we have thought overproduction into the design, because we want to create products that, in addition to being multifunctional, also have a design that most people find attractive.

Find our timeless and stylish sleeve here: