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Sunshade for laptop

Sun shade


Get out and enjoy the sun while working on the computer.

Sun shade for Macbook

Know the feeling of being stuck to the computer inside? It is often hard to work on the computer outside since the sun’s reflection on the screen annoys the eyes. Therefore, many have to give up working in the sun. Fortunately, you can now get out and enjoy the sun while working on the computer with Philbert’s Sun Shade. The Sun Shade will cover the sun and create privacy.

Save energy

When you use a Sun Shade on your laptop, you will experience how the energy consumption will be significantly less. Since you will be able to significantly reduce the brightness of the screen, and still maintain a high level of clarity, it will ultimately extend battery life. 

Another issue working on the computer in the sun is the fact that the computer overheats. The Sun Shade not only shades the screen but also shades the computer itself, which means that the computer does not get overheated. With Philbert’s Sun Shade, you get several functions in the same product.


As part of Philbert’s philosophy, it is important to be able to design and produce products that can perform multiple functions. We believe that the more functions one product can handle, the fewer products need to be produced; and this will eventually reduce overproduction and overconsumption. Being able to collect several products into one will reduce consumer consumption – something we considered when designing the Sun Shade. Therefore, the Sun Shade can both remedy the glare of the sun on your computer screen and relieve overheating of the computer. The screencasts a shadow over the keyboard, and this prevents overheating. The Sun Shade for Macbook is easy to use and with its magnetic sides and top it has several combinations enabling you to use your Macbook exactly as you wish

Privacy function

The screen is not only useful when you have to work outside in the sun, but it is also really good if you want to keep your content on the computer private since it shades for curious eyes. That is why it is incredibly useful in airports, public transport, the library, or other places where you want to keep your content private. In addition, many families with children also find the privacy screen good if their children have to sit and watch something on the computer without bothering people around them.

The environment is our passion

At Philbert, we care a great deal about the environment. This is reflected in our Sun Shade for Macbook. As with all our products, we consider environmentally friendly materials, sustainable color techniques, packaging, etc. We focus on quality and we combine it with sustainability. We know that we cannot change climate change alone, but we believe that the small things we do will have a great effect in the end. That is why we use sustainability throughout our decision-making process when we develop our Danish design products.

When you buy a Sun Shade from Philbert, you get the following:

  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Sun Shade and privacy built-in
  • Softness
  • Ensure that your computer does not overheat

The material

You will find our Sun Shades in different materials, so you can choose exactly what suits you. We produce both the Sun Shade in vegan leather and hemp.


When you choose a Sun Shade for your Macbook, produced in hemp, it comes with a wide range of advantages. The biggest advantage, from our point of view, is that hemp is environmentally friendly. The production of hemp requires significantly fewer resources compared to the production of cotton since cotton requires large amounts of water. In addition, hemp does not need pesticides, which is good for our planet. In the long term, hemp can influence the green transition and our overconsumption of water, and therefore we believe that the material is a good alternative. Many do not know about hemp as a material, but it contains a wide range of benefits. Some of the advantages include that it is an incredibly durable material.

The different models

At Philbert, we offer three different models, so you can find the one that suits you and your needs.

We have made an overview of the Sun Shades so that you can find the one that suits you the best.

Ultra slim

Ultra slim is a universal screen that is good for shading the sun, or for shielding curious eyes when sitting in public places. The model is good if you already have a bag for your laptop, as it is small and flexible. It is easy to carry, and it also ensures that your computer does not overheat in the sun, as it has a ‘Hood’ that provides shade.

Universal, fits most 12″ / 13″ / 14″ / 15” / 16” Laptops

Lux hood 

The Lux model, as the name suggests, is a luxury version of the Sun Shade. Here you get storage space for your papers or books. In addition, the screen can stand on its own, which means that you can set the screen at the angle you want without the computer tipping backward. This model has optimal shading from a built-in hood that gives you optional shading on both the keyboard and screen. The model also works as a good privacy screen, since its shadows ensure that others cannot see what is happening on the screen.

Lux hood fits most 12″ / 13″ / 14″ / 15” / 16” Laptops
(It fits all MacBooks, ThinkPad, Samsung Galaxy Book S, and many other laptops.)


If you want to be a first mover in sustainability and innovation, then this model is most likely for you. The model is very unique with its multifunctional advantages. Here you get a Sun Shade that can be used as a cover, Sun Shade, and for privacy. This model has a strong construction, with quality stitching and a magnetic closure. In addition, you will also find extra room for your mobile phone, papers, etc. The back is perforated and this ensures that the computer stays cool. Like our other models, this model also allows you to work outside without being bothered by the sun. It also protects against overheating your computer and ensures that others cannot follow what is happening on the screen. You do not need to remove this cover from your computer. This model is made from organic and recycled materials, and with its unique coating, it is very good in heat.

Hemp/vegan fits most 13″ / 15″ / 16″ Laptops

Ultra slim
Lux Hood

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