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Save money on your Christmas gifts in our new outlet shop

Save money on your Christmas gifts in our new outlet shop

Christmas is a holiday that most people look forward to. Unfortunately, many Danes are experiencing how rising prices are putting pressure on the economy. At Philbert, we want to give something back to all our new and old customers. It rarely happens that we offer reduced prices, but for a long time, we thought about the idea of ​​giving something back.

As part of our philosophy, we like to merge several things into one – preferably from a sustainable perspective.

Therefore, we can now present a whole new page on our webshop, where you can find older models, as well as 2nd sorting products. This means that you can find selected products at reduced prices.

Do you want to know more about our thoughts and ideas about our new outlet shop?

Read along here:

A sustainable Christmas – save money and do something good for the environment

Christmas is approaching, and for many, this means that you have to go Christmas gift shopping. It can be an expensive pleasure to buy Christmas presents, especially at this time when inflation has set in.

At Philbert, we would like to meet the problem, and therefore we now offer that you can buy older products at a cheaper price. But in addition, you can also find a completely new and unique 2nd sorting sale. This means that you can find products that have a small flaw but are still usable – for less money!

One of the things we take great care of at Philbert is the environment. The environment is one of our core values, and we think of sustainability in everything we do; both when we produce and design our products. We consider everything from environmentally friendly materials to sustainable color techniques, etc.

We know that we cannot change climate change alone, but we believe that few are right and that together we can make a difference. That is why we use sustainability throughout our decision-making process when we develop products.

In addition, we always consider multi-functionality in the products, which means that the products often can do several things at once. Every day we work towards accommodating overproduction and overconsumption, and unfortunately, Christmas has also become a day of large consumption. At Philbert, we believe that a little is also right. Therefore, we also suggest that you can advantageously buy some of your Christmas presents through an outlet or 2nd sorting sale. It is both good for your finances, as you save money on Christmas presents, but it is also really good for the environment since 2nd sorting products in the vast majority of cases end up being thrown away.

Save money on your Christmas presents while doing something good for the environment.

Find your next Christmas present here:

2. sorting – no more throw-away culture

2. sorting means that you can find products with small faults and defects for cheaper money. Often 2nd sorting products end up being discarded, and it’s really a shame if the product still can be used. 2 sorting goods are for you who can live with small defects in the product. The defect can vary, but in the vast majority of cases, it is a cosmetic defect.


At Philbert, we strive to accommodate overconsumption and overproduction. Unfortunately, we see that consumers tend to throw away and buy new, but the same actually applies to companies. Many companies choose to throw products away rather than sell them a little cheaper. At Philbert, we would like to change that approach, and we have therefore chosen to launch our brand new outlet page this Christmas.

Why now?

Christmas is fast approaching, and unfortunately, the Danes are affected by the high prices of electricity, food, fossil fuels, etc. We feel that now is the time to do something! We would therefore encourage the Danes to buy Christmas presents through a 2nd sorting or outlet shop. Unfortunately, there aren’t very many webshops that have a 2nd sorting page – we think that’s a shame. By creating a page where customers have the opportunity to find 2nd sorting products, you as a company avoid having to throw the products away (which would otherwise burden our environment). But in addition, it is also an additional service for our customers. We, therefore, hope that our initiative will get more companies to offer products with small faults and defects in a 2nd sorting sale.


You will find our 2nd sorting offer on the webshop.

Outlet – save money on your Christmas presents

Electronic sales is a fast-growing industry. This also means new models are fastly outdating older ones – which means your electronics quickly become outdated. Philbert supplies accessories for electronics, and therefore we are also affected by the rapidly changing industry, and this, unfortunately, means that we may also experience our products becoming outdated. But fortunately, there are still users who keep their electronics, and for them, it can be problematic to find accessories that fit their size. If you have an older computer or tablet, you may be lucky to find a suitable Philbert product under our outlet page. On the outlet page, you can find unique prices, and it is a rare case to find Philbert products at a reduced price.


You can visit our outlet on the webshop.

Find the right Christmas gift, ideas, and suggestions

Finding the right Christmas present can be challenging. To make it easier for you to find just the right gift, we have made an overview of which products are perfect for whom. You can read the blog post here:

The Danes are saving money throughout the crisis

“Christmas lasts a long time and costs a lot of money.” (lyrics from a Danish song)

It is not entirely wrong, and on top of that, we have inflation, which makes it increasingly expensive to be a Dane.

However, several Danes have chosen to take up the fight! New studies show that the Danes have gone on the hunt for bargains and are saving money through the crisis. If you got the same considerations, then you are far from the only one. Many Danes worry about the economy when it comes to Christmas. Surveys show that only about one out of three Danes will celebrate Christmas this year without worrying about the economy. It is therefore quite common to worry about the economy.

The studies speak for themselves, and it is, among other things, based on this, we have chosen to launch a brand new outlet site where Danes can save money on their Christmas presents.

You will find our brand new outlet here:

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