Screen Shade Top for any 13″ laptop

Sun Shade and Privacy Top.

Top for any 13″ Laptops, in Black

Screen Shade Top allows you to work outside in the sun, or with privacy in public places like trains or planes.

Patent no. D790551.


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Get Sun Shade and Privacy with Philbert’s Screen Shade Top.

This Top ver­sion of a screen shade is made in fle­xi­bile PU le­at­her gi­ving you the ad­van­tage of screen shade.

The Screen Shade Top al­lows you to work out­side in the sun or in pu­blic pla­ces like trains or pla­nes wit­hout sa­cri­fi­cing your pri­vacy.

The si­des are fol­dable and the top can ea­sily be rem­o­ved if ne­e­ded.


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