Screen Shade Cover LI for tablets 9,7″ with black flaps

This is a unique cover with built-in shielding. Screen Shade Cover allows you to work outside in the sun, or to have privacy in public places like trains or planes.

The first cover on the market with built-in shielding (patent pending)

The cover fits:
iPad Air 1
iPad Air 2
iPad Pro 9,7″
Samsung galaxy loss S2 but the Samsung tablet can not use the camera as it is in the middle.


  • Description

Protect your iPad/tablets with Philbert’s Screen shade Cover.

This Tablet ver­sion of a screen shade is made in fle­xi­bile PU le­at­her. The Cover is gi­ving you sunshade and privacy.

Screen shade al­lows you to work out­side in the sun or in pu­blic pla­ces like trains or pla­nes wit­hout sa­cri­fi­cing your pri­vacy.

The sides are foldable in and out and the Cover can stand in different ways.

  • Pocket for business card
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