Scooter Backpack Trolley

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The Scooter Backpack is a new great product offering a high quality scooter with an attached combined backpack and suitcase all in one.  Stylish, sleek and super practical, this handy luggage accessory is perfect for student life, getting around airports on a business trip ( Fits almost any airliner )  – or for anyone who does not want to carry bags.


Colour: Black

Max weight: 100 kg

Weight: 4.7 kg 

Dimensions, when folded: 55cm x 40cm x 23cm

Height: Adjustable – max 92cm

Wheels: 12.5cm

Steering: Turns 90 degrees

Tire: 34cm x 12.5cm

Backpack / suitcase capacity: 25l

Quality level: High quality

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The scooter runs smoothly, with a firm break and good steering. It is easily foldable into an average sized trolley and approved as hand luggage on most airlines. 

The suitcase will take 25 liters of luggage and comes with practical pockets protecting your laptop, tablet and mobile phone. 

Care and maintenance:

If used mainly indoors – such as universities and airports, the Scooter Backpack requires very little maintenance. However, if used outside it will benefit from regular cleaning. The suitcase/backpack should be cared for in the same way as normal suitcase/backpacks.

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