Philbert 4 in 1 Tablet Screen Shade Lux Cover with built-in Hood – 
Sun Shade | Privacy | Heat Protection | Contrast Enhancement. Universal til 9,7″-11″ iPads | Model Lima | Striped

449.95 kr.

See measurements for Tablet Cover 9.7″-11″



Universal Cover, fits all iPads and Tablets 9.7″ – 11″

This is a unique Cover with built-in shielding. The Screen Shade Cover allows you to work, gaming or watch a movie outside in the sun or to have privacy in public places like trains, planes or coffee houses.

The first cover on the market with built-in shielding. Patent no. D790551.

Assembles in seconds. Multiple stand positions to accommodate comfortable typing and hands-free viewing angles. Folds flat for easy transportation.

Made in environmentally friendly and recycled materials.

Product Details

  • Eco-friendly material
  • Universal
  • Self-standing
  • Name tag holder inside
  • Withstands heat
  • Handle


Universal, fits most 9,7″-11″ Tablets

Please check measurement chart prior to ordering.

Additional information

WEIGHT 0.42 kg
DIMENSIONS 18.0 × 25.0 × 1.0 cm – 7.0″ x 9.8″ x 0.4″
COLOR Striped

Protect your iPad/tablets with Philbert’s Sun Shade and Privacy Cover

This tablet version of the popular Sun Shade and Privacy Cover for iPads/Tablets is made in flexible Vegan leather. The Vegan leather is highly durable and gives the product a beautiful finish.
The Sun Shade and Privacy Cover for iPads/Tablets provides you sun shade and privacy – everywhere. This innovative Philbert product allows you to work out­side in the sun or in public places like trains or planes without sacrificing your privacy while covering your screen from the sunrays.

Longer battery life

In addition to protecting your iPad/Tablet and securing your privacy and get sun shade, with the Philbert Sun Shade and Privacy Cover for iPads/Tablets, your tablet’s energy consumption will be affected in a positive way too. Both inside and outside. You will be able to lower your tablet’s screen brightness and maintain the high screen clarity while significantly improving the battery life. On a sunny summer day, the reflecting sunrays will no longer blind you. Whether it is a movie, gaming or work. You will finally be able to use your iPad/Tablet outside while you enjoy the sun. Increase the versatile use of your iPad/Tablet with Philbert Sun Shade and Privacy Cover.

Easy set-up | Multiple combinations

Philbert Sun Shade and Privacy Cover for iPads/Tablets, features magnetic sides and top. This allows you to fold the sides and top in multiple combinations in order for you to use your iPad/Tablet in any way you desire. With this magnetic feature, it has never been easier to combine protection with the innovative functions of Philbert’s Sun Shade and Privacy Cover for iPads/Tablets. When you are done using your iPad/Tablet, simply close the cover using the magnetic closing-strap. Take a look at our pictures to see all the combinations. Each combination is easy to set up.

To watch more videos of Philbert Sun Shade and Privacy Cover for iPads/Tablets and other Philbert products – click here

The Black Sun Shade and Privacy Cover for iPads/Tablets is “green”

At Philbert, we are truly concerned about the best ways to care for the environment. From selecting the right product materials, using the most environmentally friendly colouring techniques to utilizing recyclable packaging materals. Our constant focus on producing products of the best quality combined with environmental friendly production, secures that the Sun Shade and Privacy Cover contributes to a sustainable earth. At Philbert, we are proud to be able to offer you “Green” iPad/tablet covers in one of our amazing designs. Read more about the environmental benefits of buying Philbert’s Sun Shade and Privacy Cover for iPads/Tablets and our other products by vistiting “About Environment” – click here