Danish Rainbow Keyboard Cover

  • Prolongs the life of your MacBook.
  • Protects your keyboard against dirt, liquids, dust etc.
  • The thinnest and most precise keyboard protection cover.

The keyboard cover fits

MacBook Pro ( 13” / 15” / 17” )

MacBook Air 13″

MacBook Pro Retina ( 13” / 15″ )

Apple wi­re­less key­bo­ard

169.95 DKK

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  • Description

Philbert’s key­bo­ard covers add style and pro­tection for your MacBook’s key­bo­ard.

The si­li­cone cover is sim­ply pla­ced over your key­bo­ard and fits pre­ci­sely. This unique key­bo­ard cover is ul­tra thin and does not in­ter­fere with ty­ping abi­lity or speed.

Each key is in­di­vi­du­ally mol­ded and is spe­ci­ally prin­ted on the hig­hest qua­lity of si­li­cone for a du­rable and pro­fes­sio­nal look.

Philbert’s key­bo­ard cover is a per­fect way to add a per­so­nal touch as well as pro­tecting your key­bo­ard against wear and tear and dirt.

It is soft and fle­xible. The cover is rem­ovable so it can be cle­a­ned ea­sily.

  • Keeps your Mac as good as new
  • Strong si­li­cone key­bo­ard pro­du­ced in a high qua­lity
  • Designed to fit your ori­gi­nal key­bo­ard 100 %
  • Dust and wa­ter proof
  • Silent ty­ping
  • Is 100 % was­hable and reus­able
  • Only 0,1 mm thin – Weighs only 15 g
  • Measurements 11.0” X 4.5” (28.1 X 11.4cm)
  • Material: Silicone

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