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Privacy | Sun Shade | Heat Protection | Contrast Enhancement

The first Multi-functional Safety Sleeve on the market is a versatile accessory that functions as a regular sleeve, sun shade, and provides privacy. The sleeve features built-in shielding and a spacious pocket designed for storing cell phones, power banks, credit cards, cash, and papers. It is easy to use – simply attach two elastic bands to the top corners, and then connect the shielding with a magnet. Additionally, the sleeve has two pendants on the front, allowing it to be used as a bag for added convenience. The overall design is both elegant and simple.




The sleeve is made from recycled materials. The material has a unique coating, a blend of high-performance resins for superior strength and performance, especially in heat. Professional design, solid construction, quality stitching, and magnetic closure. Multifunctional – can be used as a regular cover, sunshade, and protection of privacy.

Allows you to work, watch movies, or play games outdoors and provides privacy in public places such as airplanes, trains, schools, and cafes. Extends battery life – allows you to lower screen brightness while maintaining clarity. The sleeve prevents the laptop from overheating in extreme temperatures.

Assembles in seconds. Folds flat for easy transport. No need to ever remove the computer from the cover. Work comfortably anywhere with a Safety Sleeve – Your ultimate protection against the sun’s rays and prying eyes!

Work comfortably anywhere with a Safety Sleeve – Your ultimate protection against the sun’s rays and prying eyes!

🌿 Experience the freedom of outdoor work with our innovative Safety Sleeve!

Tired of sitting indoors all day? Take your workday outdoors and embrace the healthy choice with our Safety Sleeve. Scientifically proven to improve your well-being and boost your productivity, our Safety Sleeve is designed to strike the perfect balance between comfort and protection.

Why choose a Safety Sleeve?

· Health: When you work outdoors, you breathe fresh air and get the necessary dose of Vitamin D from the sun, contributing to a healthier lifestyle.

· Productivity: Scientific studies show that outdoor work can increase concentration and enhance work performance.

· Sun Protection: The Safety Sleeve is designed to provide optimal protection for your laptop against the sun’s sharp rays. Relax and work outdoors without worrying about overheating. Let the Safety Sleeve be your reliable shade, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air without compromising your laptop’s performance.

· Privacy, Wherever You Are: With the Safety Sleeve, you can work with peace of mind, no matter where you are. The innovative privacy feature ensures that your screen information remains confidential, allowing you to maintain concentration and productivity, even in public settings. Protect your data and create your own private workspace – anywhere!

· Freedom to Work Anywhere: Say goodbye to limitations and embrace freedom! The Safety Sleeve allows you to work in your own way, whether it’s in the park, at the café, or on the beach. Make work a pleasure, no matter where your adventure takes you.

· Stylish and Functional: The Safety Sleeve combines style and functionality. The lightweight and durable design make it easy to carry everywhere, and its elegant appearance adds a touch of professionalism to your work style.

Make work a pleasure – choose a Safety Sleeve – for a better work life and a healthier everyday!