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Meet our resellers

At Philbert, we are proud to have a wide selection of resellers all over Denmark. In addition, you will also find our products at a number of international retailers, including Amazon.

If you want to experience Philbert’s products physically, you can find a reseller near you.

You can read about our resellers and their visions in this blog post.


Humac has been a reseller of Philbert’s products since 2018.

Since 1989, Humac has sold and serviced Apple products. In addition, Humac is also the only one in Denmark that is certified as an Apple Premium Reseller, which means that Humac must meet Apple’s requirements regarding the exposure of products and the level of education of their employees. The certification, therefore, guarantees a high level of service and great knowledge about Apple’s products.


Humac has its own service repair shops, with the title Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP). AASP is a quality seal from Apple, which means that they only carry out authorized service on Apple products and with approved original spare parts. 

Humac has 22 stores across Denmark, which means you always have the opportunity to find Philbert products near you. Thereby you can experience the products physically and feel the quality of the products before you choose to purchase one of our products.

In addition to having stores throughout the country, Humac also has a business department. Here they got running consultants in Jutland and Zealand. In the business department, they offer effective IT solutions for all types of companies, large and small. As a company, you can get help and guidance for the integration of Apple products.

The name Humac stands for bringing HUman and MAC together. Their brand aims to deliver Denmark’s best customer experience when purchasing and servicing Apple’s products. For us, Humac’s vision of quality is the recognition that our products live up to a high standard.

At Philbert, we are proud to have Humac as a reseller and we consider their recognition of Philbert’s products a seal of quality.

Amazon US

Amazon is an American online retailer headquartered in Seattle. It is one of the world’s largest online retail platforms, and as a Danish company we are proud that our products can be found in the international group. According to the Association for Danish Internet Trade, Amazon is the most used internet store by the Danish people. This indicates that the American in-house business is increasing when it comes to the Danish market.

With Amazon as a retailer, our products are available throughout the United States.


You can find our sun shade on Amazon here:


You will find our products in Power. Power started in Denmark in 2015, and has since been developing rapidly. Power is the Nordics’ new electronics giant and is approaching 200 stores, spread over 4 countries.

Power describes that they always want to be one step ahead at all times, which indicates that Power acknowledges innovation. This fact is why we are proud that Power has selected Philbert into their selection. At Philbert, we understand their recognition of our products as a quality seal of our innovative design.

Power also works from the aspect that their range must have the least possible negative effect on society and the environment, and therefore we are extremely satisfied that our green initiatives are being noticed. 


You will find Philbert’s products at Power Danmark here:

Power Sweeden

Power Norway

Power Finland


Dideriksveranda is located on the sunny island of Denmark, Bornholm. The shop is owned by the hotel owner Lene and Kjeld Hammer. The shop is an extension of the hotel, and here you can find everything from applied art to local specialties. Their products are handpicked to fit into their charming shop. At Philbert, we are proud that our products have been selected for their range. It gives us the recognition that our products are unique.

If you want to experience our products physically when visiting Bornholm, you will find Dideriksveranda in Allinge Sandvig.


You can read much more about Dideriksveranda here:

AV cables

Av-cables is Denmark’s leading online retailer of cables and electronics. 

They are daily sending orders to both private and public institutions and companies. At Philbert, we are proud that a company with such extensive knowledge of electronic accessories finds our products competitive.


You will find our products at Av-cables here:


Greenoff sells office supplies that focus on the products (and manufacturers) being green. Their regard for the environment is pervasive in their company, and they focus on making it as easy as possible to choose sustainable products.

That is why we are also proud that Greenoff has chosen to sell Philbert’s products. At Philbert, we work every day towards a greener world.


You will find our products at Greenoff here:—danish-design

House of COVR

House of COVR describes that their mission is to promote quality products for the Apple range and that their products must reflect Apple’s quality.

In addition, House of COVR is also a retailer that values ​​design. For us, it is a great stamp of quality that House of COVR has chosen to sell our products. Both because House of COVR appreciates quality, but also because our design is appreciated. The design process is a huge part of the philosophy of Philbert.  


You will find our products at House of COVR here:


Incover has grown into one of Denmark’s largest online shops with one of the largest selections of accessories for smartphones and tablets in the Nordic countries. Incover describes that they strive to have the best goods in stock, at the best prices. That’s why we at Philbert are incredibly happy to have Incover as a reseller, since it gives us an image that our products hit a market where price and quality go hand in hand.


You will find our products at Incover here:


At Tabletcover all products are tested. This ensures that the covers you find in their selection will fit your tablet perfectly. We are proud that Tabletcovers have approved our products and for us, their recognition of Philbert is an indication of quality. At Tabletcover, they focus on the customers and they strive to run a shop that allows the customers to shop without worries. 


You will find our products at Tabletcovers here:


Laptopzonnescherm is our Dutch dealer who exclusively sells our products.

Every day, we work towards getting our products out to as many countries as possible, which is why we are incredibly happy to be able to present Laptopzonnescherm as one of our resellers.


You can find our products here:


The Danish-owned company, Lomax, has since 1962 supplied a wide range of office supplies, electronics, furniture, storage equipment, kitchen, catering, and cleaning supplies. With more than 35,000 products on the website, they are one of the leading office suppliers in Denmark. With their 90,000 annual business customers, Lomax has more than 600,000 orders annually.

At Philbert, we are proud that a total supplier finds our products attractive. For us, it is a stamp of quality that Lomax has chosen Philbert. 


You can read much more about Lomax here:

You will find all our products in our webshop. See some of the selection here

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