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Laptop and tablet stand for couch, bed, and desk

Laptop and tablet stand for couch, bed, and desk

Philbert's stand is the perfect solution, no matter where you want to use your computer or tablet. Read along here and learn more about the stand's many options.

Laptop and tablet stand for sofa, bed, and desk

At Philbert, innovation is a big part of our identity. We work every day to be able to design products that have a high level of usability. But in addition to that, our products usually have a multifunctional design, which means that the product can be used in several ways.

Philbert’s stand is the perfect solution, no matter where you want to use your computer or tablet. Read along here and learn more about the stand’s many options.

Find our stand in a stunning silver 

Find our stand in space grey


Use your computer or tablet in bed or on the couch

Do you also want to use your computer in bed or on the couch? Often it ends up with a sore neck because you don’t have a correct position. It’s a real shame when you imagined a nice time on the sofa or a good movie in bed. With a computer stand, you avoid sitting incorrectly, since the stand can be adjusted exactly as you want it. The stand allows you to sit in bed or on the couch with your computer without getting pain in the neck, shoulders, and back since your computer or tablet is raised up. In addition, you can also adjust the stand to suit you perfectly.

Prevent your computer from overheating

If you have tried sitting in bed or on the couch with your computer, you have probably experienced your computer getting warm. Overheating of the computer is often due to the ventilation opening being blocked. Unfortunately, it is very unhealthy for your computer to overheat, and you can run the risk of suddenly shutting down. It is a shame if you have been working on your computer without being able to save your work. Avoid overheating with our stand for computers and tablets, so that your computer’s ventilation opening is not blocked.

To the student

Bringing your laptop to school is a necessity as many students use the computer as part of their teaching. But the many hours spent looking down at the computer create tension in the neck and shoulders. With a stand from Philbert, you can meet the problem. The stand raises the computer so that you avoid looking down all the time. The stand is effective for young students since most of their work is done in front of the computer. We recommend having an external keyboard connected to the computer for optimal effect.

Create a good workplace at home

A good work position is incredibly important. During covid, people experienced how important it is to sit comfortably in front of a computer. Unfortunately, people experienced pain in the neck, shoulders, and back, due to the fact of not sitting correctly. You can address the problem by buying a stand for your computer. With a stand fromPhilbert you got the option to set the stand exactly as you want. The stand is particularly smart if you work at a table that cannot be raised or lowered. 

The stand is also useful at online meetings because the camera on the computer rises to a height. You avoid getting a bad angle during your online meeting, and at the same time don’t need to have an external screen connected, but can settle for having an extra keyboard.

The good working position

A correct ergonomic sitting position reduces the strain on muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves in the upper body, arms and hands. It often sounds overwhelming to deal with, but there is actually not that much into it.

See our illustration below and see how your working position is automatically significantly improved by using our stand for computer and tablet. A good working position will give you the energy to concentrate on the work itself, and remove the focus from sore muscles

Quality all the way

All our products are made of high-quality materials, whether our sleeves, sun shades, or stand. We know how important it is that our products are made from materials that are durable. This is the reason why we choose to use upgraded aluminum; this makes the stand extremely robust. In addition, it can be adjusted vertically, for the optimal height, and it can be tilted horizontally to give you the most comfortable working position. You got the freedom to adjust the stand so that you get a good ergonomic work position.

If you are on the go,  the stand is foldable so it is easy to take with you. 

The stand has silicon strips on the top and bottom, which prevents it from creating scratches on your computer or tablet.


At Philbert, we care about the design, and the focal point of the development is always that the design must be stylish. This is particularly due to the fact that our founder, Nille Philbert, has a past as a fashion designer. Her experience and passion for design are largely reflected in the products.

Our designs are timeless, and they are made from the point of view that everyone should be able to use them, men, women, children, or young people. Again, we incorporated the philosophy of overconsumption and overproduction into the design. We want to create products that, in addition to being multifunctional, also have a design that most people find attractive.


One person alone cannot solve climate change, but together we can make a big difference if we all make small changes. 

Philbert cares about the environment and we incorporate sustainability into everything we do. We use environmentally friendly materials, and we consider everything from packaging to color techniques.

In addition to the production of the products, we also consider the environment in our design process. Again, we have incorporated multifunctionality in the development of the product, which characterizes our way of meeting sustainability. We are convinced that the fewer products needed, the better we can accommodate overproduction and overconsumption. That is why many of our products are multifunctional and can perform more than one function. Our stand is therefore useful for both tablets and computers, and the stand can accommodate up to 17″.

Find our stand in a stunning silver 

Find our stand in space grey

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