Sort skandinavisk tastatur cover – 16″ MacBook Pro 2019 | 13″ MacBook Pro 2020 | 13” MacBook Pro 2022

159,95 kr.

  • Prolongs the life of your MacBook.
  • Protects your keyboard against dirt, liquids, dust etc.
  • The thinnest and most precise keyboard protection cover.

The Danish Black Keyboard Cover Fits:

MacBook Pro 13” and 16″


Scandinavian Keyboard Cover

Philbert’s Key­bo­ard Cover add style and pro­tection for your MacBook’s key­bo­ard.

The keyboard cover extends the life of your MacBook.

The si­li­cone cover is sim­ply pla­ced over your key­bo­ard and fits pre­ci­sely. This unique key­bo­ard cover is ul­tra thin and does not in­ter­fere with ty­ping abi­lity or speed.

Each key is in­di­vi­du­ally mol­ded and is spe­ci­ally prin­ted on the hig­hest qua­lity of si­li­cone for a du­rable and pro­fes­sio­nal look.

It is soft and fle­xible. The keyboard cover is rem­ovable so it can be cle­a­ned ea­sily.

Philbert’s key­bo­ard cover is a per­fect way to add a per­so­nal touch as well as pro­tecting your key­bo­ard against wear and tear and dirt.

The Scandinavian Keyboard Cover Fits:

16″ MacBook Pro 2019 | 13″ MacBook Pro 2020 | 13” MacBook Pro 2022

Philbert’s Scandinavian keyboard cover will fit 100%.

  • Keeps your Mac as good as new
  • Strong si­li­cone key­bo­ard cover pro­du­ced in a high qua­lity
  • Designed to fit your ori­gi­nal key­bo­ard 100 %
  • Dust and wa­ter proof
  • Silent ty­ping
  • Is 100 % was­hable and reus­able
  • Only 0,1 mm thin – Weighs only 15 g
  • Measurements 11.0” X 4.5” (28.1 X 11.4cm)
  • Material: Silicone

To watch more videos of the Scandinavian Keyboard Cover and other Philbert products – click here

The Scandinavian Keyboard Cover is “green”

At Philbert, we have thought about the best ways to care for the environment. From choosing which materials to use, and the most environmental friendly colouring techniques, to packing materials. Our constant focus on producing products of the best quality combined with environmental friendly production, secures that the keyboard cover contributes to a sustainable earth. We are proud at Philbert, to being able to offer you “Green” keyboard cover’s – and don’t get us started on our amazing designs. Read more about the environmental benefits of buying Philbert’s keyboard cover and other products by vistiting “About Environment”